May 10th, 2018

City of Leduc Transportation Master Plan

The City of Leduc Transportation Master Plan study is complete.


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by the City of Leduc to undertake a review and update of the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP).

The objective of the TMP is to:

  • function as an implementation tool that supports the overall Municipal Development Plan’s goals, objectives and high-level policies;
  • examine various transportation corridors to ensure effective development of transportation infrastructure to support Leduc’s future growth;
  • establish roadway planning initiatives, provide for contingencies and establish targets for future roadway improvements; and
  • guide and coordinate future urban growth decisions and infrastructure investments.

The TMP is intended to ensure that the transportation requirements are defined for all modes of travel, including local roadways, transit, multiway pathways and heavy vehicle routes.

The TMP also included a functional corridor design component, where select future roadway improvements were identified and conceptual designs were prepared.


The study was undertaken within three components with separate methodologies.



The Long Term Network would see:Improvement Plan

  • 75 lane-km: New Arterial Roadways (63% increase);
  • 70 lane-km: New Collector Roadways (127% increase);
  • Expansion of the multi-way network;
  • A transit strategy aimed at enhancing transit service to Leduc residents;
  • Coordination with other jurisdictions and levels of government to address future traffic demands on non-City corridors; and
  • Enhance Transportation Policy Statements to guide the development of infrastructure.

Municipal Projects Include.

Future City of Leduc Transportation Network

  • New 65th Ave. West Corridor;
  • Grant MacEwan N & S extensions and widening;
  • Southwest Boundary Road;
  • Southeast Boundary Road;
  • 74th Street Corridor (between 65th Ave W and SW Boundary Road)
  • Black Gold Drive widening
  • 43rd Street widening
  • Coady Boulevard South extension
  • 50th Ave. Widening (Bridgeport to 74th St.)

Inter-municipal/other agency projects include.

  • QE II Realignment, widened collector-new core lanes.
  • New 65th Ave. Interchange (Phase 1 & 2)
  • New 50th Ave. Interchange
  • Improved Airport Road Interchange
  • Spine Road South Extension (to Rollyview Road)