May 7th, 2014

Tim Hortons Traffic Impact Study (Sundre, AB)


Castleglenn Consultants was retained by MidWest Developments to conduct a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) as required by Alberta Transportation (AT) to assess the transportation and traffic related issues associated with the proposed Tim Hortons restaurant located in the Town of Sundre. The development site was situated on the southeast quadrant of the Main Avenue West Service Road / Range Road 54 intersection. The Main Avenue West Service Road is an east-west roadway that intersects Range Rd 54 approximately 55 meters south of Main Avenue West (Hwy 27 / Hwy 584). The proposed TIS was intended to comply with AT’s “Traffic Impact Assessment Guideline” (March 2005).

The intent of the study was to confirm that the existing Main Avenue West (Hwy 27 / Hwy 584) / Range Road 54 intersection can accommodate the traffic generated by the proposed development. The two STOP-controlled intersections within the study area were currently (2009) found to provide satisfactory traffic operations with all approaches operating at a level of service “C” or better and a volume to capacity ratio of 0.35 or less during both morning and afternoon peak hours of travel demand.

It was determined that the existing configuration of the roadway network adjacent to the proposed Tim Hortons development could accommodate build-out (2011) of the site without additional roadway modifications or infrastructure improvements. The Highway 27/22 intersection will, by 2030, require intersection improvements and warrant the installation of traffic signals, however, this requirement was determined to result from background traffic growth forecast to occur within the study area and was independent of the proposed Tim Horton’s development.


Travel demand forecasting, operational analysis and intersection capacity analysis

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