May 7th, 2014

Safety Rest Areas Discussion Paper


Alberta Transportation (AT) retained Castleglenn Consultants to provide an overview of current safety rest area (SRA) practices in the Province and other jurisdictions within Canada and the United-States.

The first phase of the study included research to provided insight into the role of potential public-private partnerships aimed at:

  • Maximizing the provision of goods and services at SRAs;
  • Minimizing government responsibilities, such as maintenance and security;
  • Integrating SRAs with landscaping initiatives;
  • Assuring that SRAs would not be limited to an isolated “parking lot” type configuration; and
  • Assuring that SRA infrastructure are “safe” and offer motorists a “rest” site.

A discussion paper evaluated AT’s current policies and guidelines regarding SRAs and reviewed commercial SRAs in other jurisdictions for comparative purposes. Castleglenn encouraged AT to further evaluate the development of commercialized safety rest areas using a long-term lease agreement with a private sector partner.

The second phase of the study was to develop a communications plan to:

  • Identify potential SRA sites within Alberta;
  • Conduct presentations to various AT committees;
  • Prepare a communications plan for municipalities/stakeholders and for other Provincial Ministries to determine potential partnerships; and
  • Identity selected SRA sites and determine SRA long-term lease agreement requirements.


Transportation planning, research, site visits, conceptual costing and committee presentations.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Alberta Transportation Central Region