May 7th, 2014

Parking Lot Development Traffic Impact Study (3030 23rd St NE, Calgary, AB)


Castleglenn Consultants were retained by Triumph Properties Ltd. to address the traffic and transportation issues related to the proposed parking lot development located at 3030 – 23rd Street north-east in the City of Calgary. The site plan contained a single parking lot facility with a total of 284 parking stalls located within the southeast quadrant of the 30th Avenue / 23rd Street north-east intersection.

The analysis within this study was based upon a “worst-case” scenario where constrained parking conditions (85% utilization) were assumed; This scenario assumes all patrons estimated to access the parking lot during each of the peak periods (AM/PM) would arrive to or depart from the proposed parking facility during the same peak hour of travel demand.  An average annual growth rate of 1.0%-per-annum was used to simulate the effects of background traffic growth on all adjacent roadways.

In light of the foregoing assumptions, forecasts and analyses, it was determined that forecast (2011 and 2016) intersection capacity analysis (assuming buildout of the proposed parking facility) of the adjacent study area intersections indicated that the current roadway network configuration was anticipated to provide satisfactory traffic operational characteristics to accommodate the proposed parking facility.


Travel demand forecasting, operational analysis, intersection capacity analysis and forecast pedestrian activity.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Triumph Properties Ltd