July 14th, 2014

Malyon Court Subdivision Traffic Evaluation and Assessment (Cornwall, ON)


Castleglenn services involved undertaking a comprehensive traffic evaluation and assessment of the proposed draft plan of a subdivision known as Malyon Court taking into account current design standards, guidelines and practices and preparing  such findings and conclusions for review by the Ontario Municipal Board.

The City of Cornwall passed two re-classification by-laws (By-law No. 64 & 65, 2003) and a Council resolution (No. 11, 2003) to provide a draft plan approval to “lands” known as Malyon Court (Block 18, Registered Plan 399, City of Cornwall).

The proposed Malyon subdivision (30 dwellings + commercial development) borders on the much larger East Ridge subdivision to the south within the City of Cornwall and concern was raised regarding the effect that planned accesses and intersecting roadways would have upon access to the larger planned sub-division.


Travel demand forecasting, functional planning, traffic impact assessment, transportation planning, traffic engineering, preparation of witness statement, preparation of witness boards, expert witness testimony and presentation to Ontario Municipal Board.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


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