May 14th, 2014

Highland Park Subdivision Traffic Impact Study (Petawawa, ON)


CastleGlenn Consultants Inc. was retained by the County of Renfrew to address the traffic related draft conditions of the final plan approval of Phase four and five of the Highland Park Subdivision. The Highland Park Subdivision development is located along the south side of Civic Centre Road between Petawawa Bld and Laurentian Drive. Phase four and five of the Highland Park development consists of a total of 81 proposed detached residential dwelling units. The purpose of the traffic impact study was to assess the impacts to adjacent roadways and intersections resulting from the completion of the proposed Highland Park development (Phase four and five).

The future Highland Park Drive/Laurentian Drive intersection was anticipated to operate satisfactorily as a T-intersection with the Highland Park Dr approach being STOP-controlled and all approaches designed to accommodate a single lane shared configuration. The forecast traffic operational characteristics at all other intersections surrounding the Highland Park Subdivision were found to exhibit satisfactory levels of service.


Traffic impact assessment, traffic operations analysis and review, intersection spacing and intersection capacity analysis.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


County of Renfrew