May 14th, 2014

Jackson Subdivision Traffic Impact Study (Innisville, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by Jeff Jackson Contracting Inc. to undertake a Traffic Impact Study (TIS). The purpose of this study was to provide the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) with an updated and revised traffic assessment to address the impacts of the most current site plan envisioned for the proposed Jackson Subdivision development. The current site plan encompasses a 15-lot residential development, where each lot contained one single-detached housing unit.

A single access to the proposed subdivision would be connected to Isabella street. The development would access the existing Highway 7 / Innisville St North intersection by way of the existing Isabella Street corridor. The proposed TIS complied with the MTO’s “General Guidelines for the Preparation of Traffic Impact Study Guidelines” (Dec. 2009). This study was intended to provide an addendum to the previous travel demand analysis using current (2010) traffic counts that would be used to determine the required traffic control/configuration of the Highway 7 / Innisville St intersection.

The analysis has led to the following conclusions:

  • The increase in traffic volumes to the Highway 7 corridor as a result of the proposed 15-unit development remains insignificant;
  • SB-LT(passenger vehicles) requiring access to Innisville Street north can be accommodated by the existing shared SB-LT configuration; and
  • The above analysis results indicate that, from an operational perspective, no infrastructure improvements are required to meet forecast 2012 conditions.


Traffic impact assessment, traffic operations analysis and review and intersection capacity analysis.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Jeff Jackson Contracting Inc.