May 14th, 2014

Goucester City Centre LCBO Development Traffic Impact Brief (Ottawa, ON)


CastleGlenn Consultants was retained by First Capital Property to prepare a Traffic Impact Brief (TIB) that would address the traffic and transportation issues related to a proposed LCBO retail development located at the Gloucester City Centre (1980 Ogilvie Road). The proposed 10,000 SF GFA (930 m2) development is located in the northwest quadrant of the northern ramp terminal of the Blair Road/Regional Road 174 interchange. The site would be accessible from three entrances to the Gloucester City Centre, which includes the Blair Road / RR-174 intersection and two right-in access points (Access 1 & 2) off Ogilvie Road. This study qualitatively assessed existing traffic characteristics and came to the following conclusions regarding traffic impacts:

  • The existing (2011) traffic operational characteristics associated with all accesses into and out of the Gloucester City Centre remain acceptable (v/c ratio of 0.85 or lower);
  • The proposed LCBO development was anticipated to result in negligible changes to the traffic patterns within the study area;
  • The operational characteristics exhibited by study area accesses under forecast 2011 travel demand conditions were found to be satisfactory;
  • The site access and internal layout was found to accommodate the turning movement of a WB-19 heavy vehicle; and
  • The site provided an adequate number of parking stalls and conformed to the City of Ottawa Zoning By-law No. 2008-250.


Site survey, traffic forecasting and intersection capacity analysis.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


First Capital Property