May 15th, 2014

Infrastructure Needs Background and Sustainable Community Planning Study – Transportation Component (North Bay, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by the City of North Bay to undertake a comprehensive review of City’s transportation infrastructures to provide municipal engineers and planners with critical information to support the development of growth management policy.

Council and key municipal departments played an integral role as the project proceeded.  The engineering team addressed the need to identify and evaluate alternative methods and designs for the delivery of transportation infrastructure service. The Castleglenn team brought a fresh perspective to the City’s planning and hard service infrastructure requirements by developing tools which assessed financial sustainability of the proposed infrastructure programme.

As well, transportation planning issues and their resolution was supported by the development of a travel demand model which was used to simulate traffic to the twenty year horizon of the official plan and identify the impacts associated with each of the planned network additions/modifications, new land uses, access and routes.


Traffic impact assessment, traffic modeling and simulation, development of strategic and operational plans, infrastructure assessment, traffic management and access management, sustainability index.

Role & Responsibility

Sub Consultant


City of North Bay