May 14th, 2014

Peer Review – Ontario St and Place d’Armes Intersection (Kingston, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by the City of Kingston to review and analyze various concepts for the major gateway Place D’Armes / Ontario St intersection into the City of Kingston.

Castleglenn proposed various suggestions to improve the proposed intersection and developed a concept based on the following criteria:

  • Pedestrian crossing;
  • Heavy vehicles movements;
  • Lane configuration;
  • Level of services (worst case scenario);
  • Yield/stop/traffic signal control;
  • Traffic operations;
  • Aesthetics; and
  • Potential integration with the City of Kingston’s plans and policy objectives.

The design was incorporated into the master-planning for the downtown core and the new Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre.


Transportation planning, traffic impact assessment, infrastructure assessment, traffic operations analysis and review, traffic operations and intersection capacity analysis.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


City of Kingston