May 14th, 2014

Mountshannon Dr Traffic Impact Brief (Ottawa, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by Richcraft Ltd to prepare a Traffic Impact Brief (TIB) that would address the transportation and traffic issues in relation to a development application supporting the proposed townhouse development consisting of 210 units (initially 86 units) within the Barrhaven Community.

The proposed site would be bordered by Mountshannon Drive to the north-west, St. Lukes Separate Elementary School to the east, Mulligan Park to the north and existing residential developments to the south and east. The development accommodates a full movement private access which would convert the existing “T” all-way STOP-controlled Mountshannon Drive /Sutcliffe Terrace intersection to a “4-leg” all-way STOP-controlled intersection with the advent of the new east leg of the intersection forming the main access to the proposed residential units.  The site plan was further revised to accommodate 182 units (160 stacked units and 22 townhouses along Mountshannon Drive). The reduction in number of units resulted in negligible change to the traffic patterns and levels of service at the Mountshannon Drive / Sutcliffe Terrace intersection.

Also, Castleglenn Consultants prepared a Letter Report to review the visitor parking supply for the proposed development and compare it to the City of Ottawa By-Law requirements. A review of the proposed parking indicated that:

  • A parking supply rate of 1.2 per dwelling unit for stacked units must be provided. The revised site plan illustrates 160 stacked units. This translates to 192 parking space requirements (1.2 x 160 stacked units) for the stacked units.
  • A visitor parking rate of 0.2 per dwelling must be supplied for stacked units. The proposed development provides 32 visitor parking stalls which satisfies the City of Ottawa By-Laws.


Traffic impact assessment, traffic counts, traffic forecasting, parking analysis, traffic operations analysis and review, intersection spacing and intersection capacity analysis.

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