May 14th, 2014

Wendover Transportation Master Plan (Wendover, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants was retained to create a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) for the Village of Wendover, located east of Rockland within the Township of Alfred-Plantagenet. The purpose of the TMP was to investigate the current and future circulation of traffic within the Village of Wendover. This study was conducted in anticipation of the completion of residential and commercial development initiatives east of Avenue du Quai.

Each of the eight existing intersections analyzed within the study area were found to currently possess satisfactory operational characteristics during peak hours. However, several existing design deficiencies were noted at the County Road 17/Avenue du Quai intersection.

Analysis of forecast (20 Year and 40 Year) travel demand conditions concluded that the roadway network that services the Village of Wendover is anticipated to provide satisfactory operational characteristics at all analyzed study area intersections during the forecast horizon years assuming the implementation of several identified intersection improvements (inclusive of auxiliary lanes and traffic signal controls). However, on-going monitoring of travel demand within the Village of Wendover was recommended to confirm the timing and justification for the implementation of infrastructure improvements.


Traffic impact assessment, traffic operations analysis and review, infrastructure assessment and intersection capacity analysis.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


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