May 14th, 2014

Tim Horton’s at Bank St and Gloucester St Parking Assessment (Ottawa, ON)


CastleGlenn Consultants was retained by the Tim Horton’s located in the south-east corner of the Bank St / Gloucester St intersection to conduct a site impact examination of the parking characteristics.

During the time of CastleGlenn’s site visit not a single person was observed parking their vehicle in lot 30 and walking to the Tim Horton’s site. The Tim Horton’s site which has been in operations for approximately a decade represents a pedestrian oriented business with the vast majority of patronage attributed to local office, commercial and retail employment and passersby.

The study and analysis was concluded that:

  • The existing parking lot located at 216 Gloucester St was not conducive to the short-term usage, had no explicit signage and was inconvenient for drivers travelling westbound;
  • There was little to no use of the existing parking facility for purposes of accessing Tim Horton’s as a destination as clientele was based almost entirely on pedestrian usage; and
  • On-site parking was not required.


Parking assessment.

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