May 14th, 2014

Craig Henry Dr Residential Development Letter Report (Ottawa, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by DCR Phoenix Development Corp. Ltd. to provide an assessment of the operation of the proposed residential development located on the north-east quadrant of the Greenbank Road / Craig Henry Drive intersection. These lands were intended to be re-developed to accommodate two residential buildings comprised of 72 units.

The traffic study conducted addressed concerns related to the storage distance between the circular driveway entrance and the Craig Henry Drive STOP bar. The study also addressed site access for heavy vehicles and parking supply for the proposed site.

The proposed development was anticipated to result in negligible change to the traffic patterns within the area. Traffic analysis indicated that vehicles exiting the proposed site (assuming 2017 traffic operations) were felt to have sufficient gaps, with only a nominal potential to result in delays or queues to motorists along Craig Henry Drive.

Subsequent to the submission of the original report three addendums were written to address access arrangements, traffic operations, turning movements, pedestrian movements and collisions.

Suggestions made by the City of Ottawa were taken into consideration and it was concluded that a median break on Craig Henry Drive would permit a back-to-back eastbound left-turn lane to be developed. This would eliminate the “U-turns” along Craig Henry Drive and permit east-bound left turn vehicles to access the site. The proposed revised access arrangements would result in a more efficient distribution of traffic.

Also, the westbound queue length on Craig Henry Drive was re-evaluated and the results compared favourably with those in the original report.


Traffic impact assessment, traffic survey, traffic operations analysis and review, queue analysis, intersection spacing, vehicle circulation at site access, intersection capacity analysis, pedestrian provisions, access arrangement and configuration and collision analysis.

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Prime Consultant


DCR Pheonix Development Corp Ltd