May 7th, 2014

Proposed Avalon West Community Development Transportation Brief (Ottawa, ON)


CastleGlenn Consultants Inc. was retained by Minto to address the traffic and transportation issues associated with the proposed Avalon West Community Development. The site is bordered by Tenth Line Road to the east, the proposed East Transitway to the north and Mer Bleue to the west. The development plans envisions the Avalon West Community comprising approximately 2,220 dwellings, 330,000 SF of commercial/retail space as well as an elementary (institutional 34,560SF) school to be developed over four phases.

The purpose of this traffic brief was to confirm the four lanning of Brian Coburn and the infrastructure required to support the Avalon West Development. The findings indicated that as a result of the development delay within the study area, widening of the Brian Coburn corridor to four lanes would take place at a time closer to full-build out of the development (2021) rather than by 2015 as assumed in the previous TIS (2006) document. The intersections along Brian Coburn Blvd would require the following configuration to satisfy forecast conditions (2026):

  • Brian Coburn Blvd / Tenth Line Rd: The intersection would require double northbound and southbound left-turn lanes to accommodate forecast traffic conditions. Currently, additional left-turn lanes are protected by pavement markings at both north and south approaches.
  • Brian Coburn Blvd / Strasbourg St: The intersection would require dedicated left-turns on all approaches with dedicated right-turn lanes on EB and WB approaches.
  • Brian Coburn Blvd / Gerry Lalonde Drive: The intersection would require dedicated left-turn lanes on all approaches. The EB-LT would require a double left-turn lane to accommodate over 500 vph during the morning peak hour of travel demand.
  • Brian Coburn Blvd / Mer Bleue Rd: The intersection would require auxiliary lanes on all approaches with double southbound and westbound left-turn lanes to accommodate forecast demand.


Traffic survey, traffic forecasting and analysis, intersection capacity analysis.

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