May 7th, 2014

Prince of Wales Culvert Replacement (Ottawa, ON)


CastleGlenn Consultants Inc., in associate with J.L. Richards and Associates Ltd. were retained by the City of Ottawa to produce detailed Traffic Control Plans (TCP) required for the renewal of two bridge culverts located along Prince of Wales Drive about 0.55 km south of Merivale Road (SN117600) and (SN117640) located 0.15 km south of Fisher Avenue. The culvert project is envisioned to assure integration and coordination with the future (2016) widening of the Prince of Wales Drive corridor to its desired 4-lane configuration.

The project consisted of:

  • A detailed analysis of traffic operations under multiple closure scenarios, including an analysis of origin-destination, diversions and signal and stop-controlled traffic operations throughout the study area;
  • Preparation of TCP that depicted the preferred weekend closure (between Fallowfield and Crestway) for the culvert (SN117600) located 0.55km south of Merivale Road;
  • Preparation of TCP that depicted the preferred strategy (2-northbound lanes and a single southbound lane) for the culvert (SN117640) located 0.15km south of Fisher Avenue;
  • The TCP maintained access to local private driveways along Prince of Wales Drive; and
  • The duration of each culvert replacement is anticipated to be approximately four-to-five months with work being conducted during daytime hours.

The TCP prepared complied with the City of Ottawa’s Traffic Studies, policies and guidelines and incorporated specifications outlined in the Ontario Traffic Manual (Book 7) and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada.


Origin-destination, diversion and traffic operations analysis and review. Production of traffic Control Plans for Temporary Construction Work.

Role & Responsibility

Sub-consultant – Traffic Management Strategy and Traffic Control Plans


J.L. Richards & Associates Limited