May 7th, 2014

HWY 28A/28 – Functional Planning Study (Gibbons, AB)


This Functional Planning study was to address the ultimate interchange location(s) and requirements in keeping with AIT’s “Best Practice Guidelines for Freeways” taking into account local circulation and land use considerations of the Town of Gibbons/Highway 643 corridor (including provisions for over-dimension vehicle traffic flow) and those measures necessary to address the right-of-way requirements to accommodate the various interchanges along the corridor.

The primary issues resolved within this functional planning study were to:

  • determine the impacts associated with establishing an “ultimate” freeway  corridor along the existing Highway 28A/28 corridor; and
  • to confirm the interchange location(s) necessary to accommodate the “ultimate” Highway 28A/28 freeway corridor while mitigating the resulting impacts on the local roadway network and land development plans within the vicinity of Gibbons.
  • the project scope addressed the functional planning and design of three new interchanges, the requirements to the existing CN Rail Structure to affect “ultimate” freeway through lanes, a staging strategy to implement the above in addition to addressing improvements/ to satisfy ultimate short-term requirements which required modifications to the existing CN Rail structure and effect a new crossing of the Sturgeon River.


Transportation planning, traffic engineering, land use planning, conceptual costing, functional planning, right-of-way identification, infrastructure assessment, alternative interchange configuration assessment, grading, horizontal and vertical curve geometry, cross-section and pavement structure, storm water management systems, intersections, right-of-way identifications and conceptual costing.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Alberta Transportation North Central Region