May 14th, 2014

Bridge St Senior Residence Development Traffic Impact Brief (Manotick, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by Junicon Homes to prepare a Traffic Impact Brief (TIB) that would address the transportation and traffic issues related to a development application supporting a senior residence on Bridge Street within the Village of Manotick, located south of Ottawa. The proposed development would be located within the north-west corner of the Bridge Street/Dickinson Circle intersection and consist of a 135 unit, three floor, 7,500 m2 building with 36 underground parking stalls. The TIB fully complied with the City of Ottawa’s “Transportation Assessment Guidelines”. The proposed development was anticipated to result in negligible changes to local traffic patterns within the community.  In particular, the levels of service at the Bridge Street/Dickinson Circle intersection and the Bridge Street/Manotick Main Street intersection were anticipated to result in a negligible impact.

The issues involved within this project included:

  • pedestrian and cycling facilities;
  • heavy vehicle loading/unloading provisions;
  • infrastructure phasing strategies and impacts;
  • the westbound right turn lane at the Manotick Main/Bridge Street intersection;
  • transit service improvements along the Bridge Street corridor;
  • visitor parking requirements;
  • parking supply and access/egress;
  • delay analysis for  existing residents; and
  • sight distance requirements analysis.

Castleglenn was also retained to prepare a defense to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) that included:

  • a comprehensive assessment of retirement residence parking characteristics in the National Capital Area;
  • the preparation of a roadway design plan for the access/egress to the underground parking facility;
  • reduced impact of headlight disruption on Dickinson Circle;
  • a curved access design which was submitted for City of Ottawa Staff for circulation and review; and
  • further delay analysis: [The delay associated with left-turns out of Dickinson Circle was estimated to be only 46 seconds].

The study also involved a comparative analysis of the parking characteristics of over 30 senior residences within the National Capital Area and the production of a functional design involving roadway modifications.


Traffic impact assessment, traffic operations analysis and review, infrastructure assessment, intersection spacing, intersection capacity analysis, traffic forecasting, SynchroTM analysis, parking surveys, traffic surveys, queue analysis, roadway design.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Junicon Homes