May 14th, 2014

Morrisburg Village Plaza Parking Assessment (Morrisburg, ON)


Castleglenn Consultants Inc. was retained by the Township of South Dundas to conduct a Parking Study to address concerns related to circulation within the parking lot serving the Morrisburg Village Plaza located on the south-east quadrant of the Ottawa Street / Highway 2 intersection.

The Morrisburg Village Plaza consists of two buildings with a total of approximately 105,500 Square feet providing 247 parking stalls. The parking configuration exhibited poor vehicle and pedestrian circulation resulting in congestion and frustration for patrons of the plaza.

The Township wished to explore alternative designs that would improve parking circulation, maximize parking availability and improve pedestrian access to and from parking facilities.  A qualitative assessment was undertaken and alternative design options aimed at improving parking circulation and maximizing the supply of parking associated with the adjacent facilities were produced.


Parking Survey.

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Township of South Dundas