May 14th, 2014

Brookdale Mall Scotiabank Retail Development (Cornwall, ON)


The Bank of Nova Scotia retained CastleGlenn Consultants to investigate the feasibility of implementing a double-drive-through ATM for the Brookdale Mall, in Cornwall, Ontario.  The assessment dealt with:

  • A potential discrepancy between the architects drawing files and existing conditions;
  • The required width to accommodate dual ATM operation;
  • Conformance to the City of Cornwall Zoning By-law 03-2-3; and
  • The effects of headlight exposure to southbound Brookdale traffic.

The issues raised within the report were identified subsequent to an examination of several concepts provided by the Bank of Nova Scotia. Upon assessing the concepts provided, observations recorded during the site visit and the comments recorded from the meeting with the City of Cornwall, the solutions to the issues raised were developed and recommendations as to a course of action determined.


Transportation planning, traffic engineering, safety review, geometric, right-of-way identification and infrastructure assessment.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Bank of Nova Scotia