May 7th, 2014

HWY 43 – Functional Planning Study (Onoway, AB)


Alberta Transportation retained Castleglenn Consultants to conduct a study of Highway 43:22 to address the “ultimate” freeway requirements for a 23 km segment of Highway 43 and identify the configuration and location of future interchanges along the corridor. The proposed improvements were designed in accordance with AT’s “Best Practice For Planning and Design of Freeways Facilities” while incorporating the local transportation roadway network and land use planning considerations of Lac Ste. Anne County, Parkland County and the Town of Onoway.

Some of the primary issues and constraints to be resolved within this study included linking Highway 37 to Highway 43 over the CN rail, connectivity, network planning, access management, environment and bridge planning.

A comprehensive public involvement process was conducted, which included two public open houses and six focus group meetings to ensure residents were involved with the study. The recommended Highway 43 interchanges at Highway 33, 37, 633 and supporting service road network:

  • Provides access to all properties on either side of Highway 43 via an expanded   service road network (43 km of new service road);
  • Provides for interconnected highway corridors; and
  • Compliments forecast land uses of Lac Ste Anne and Parkland Counties and the Town of Onoway.


Transportation planning, traffic engineering, collision analysis, geometric highway and interchange design, conceptual costing, functional planning, right-of-way identification, infrastructure assessment, matrix evaluation analysis, travel demand forecasting, public involvement/consultation, public open house, council and committee presentations.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Alberta Transportation North Central Region