March 5th, 2014

HWY 1 – Springbank Interchange Functional Planning Study (Calgary, AB)


CastleGlenn Consultants Inc. was retained in December 2008 to undertake a functional planning study that would determine the “ultimate” configuration of the Highway 1/Range Road 33 interchange and confirm the access management strategy for Range Road 33 (between Twp Rd 250 and Twp Rd 245).

The planning study was initiated in response to a request made by Rocky View County for Alberta Transportation to specify the property requirements (necessary to permit development to proceed within the vicinity of the Springbank community) by advancing the Highway 1/Range Road 33 interchange.

This study included the development of a three phase interchange staging strategy that accommodates future Highway 1 and Range Road 33 lane requirements by implementing components of the “ultimate” interchange on an “as-required” basis. The staging plans depict specific interchange configurations that accommodate a 2-lane, 4-lane and 6-lane Range Road 33 cross-section as well as a 4-lane to “ultimate” 10-lane Highway 1 configuration.

The primary objectives of the Highway 1/Range Road 33 (Springbank) Interchange Functional Planning Study were to:

  • identify access management requirements along Range Road 33 within the vicinity of the interchange;
  • provide rationale for selecting each stage of the recommended Highway 1/Range Road 33 interchange configuration;
  • develop functional plan and profile drawings for each proposed interchange improvement stage; and
  • define basic right-of-way requirements for the recommended improvements.


Transportation planning: analysis and assessment of interchange configuration options and access management solutions, travel demand forecasting, traffic operations assessment, public consultation.

Functional Design: infrastructure assessment, grading, horizontal and vertical curve geometry, cross-section and pavement structure, storm water management systems, intersections, right-of-way identifications and conceptual costing, sight distance analysis, geometric designs, conceptual costing.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Alberta Transportation Southern Region