May 15th, 2014

Maitland Ave Bridge Rehabilation Functional Design / Planning Study (Ottawa, ON)


The objective of this functional design / planning study was to ascertain the most appropriate strategy for rehabilitating the Maitland Avenue Bridge over Highway 417.  The strategy was to take into account future impacts such as the advent of Highway 416, the future widening of Highway 417 and the potential to achieve other improvements that could result in savings in concert with the bridge rehabilitation strategy.

The scope of this study included an analysis of traffic forecasts and future operational needs of the interchange.  The study design included a review of all interchange and adjacent intersection movements to identify possible improvements/revisions to the overall interchange concept.  Impacts to utilities and drainage were also considered as part of the analysis.

The study determined a detailed rehabilitation scope as well as related improvements outside of the scope of the immediate rehabilitation inclusive of adjacent intersection improvements.  Several construction options were considered as part of the strategy that included girder removal and off-site coating, on-site scaffolding and the use do zipper barriers.

The study provided a thorough four-stage construction staging strategy that satisfied both the short and long term requirements from an economic, safety and traffic operational perspective. The Ministry implemented the recommended improvements.


Transportation planning, traffic engineering, collision analysis, safety review, geometric design, conceptual costing, functional planning, right-of-way identification, infrastructure assessment, multi-variate factorial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, highway design, park visitation impacts, emergency services, fish migration, traffic delays during construction, alternative interchange impact analysis, travel demand forecasting, design of conceptual staging plans, multi-agency committee presentations.

Role & Responsibility

Prime Consultant


Ministry of Transportation of Ontario